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Today's Kitchen: What's For Dinner?: Chef Michael Lomonaco Prepares Recipes For A Whole Chicken

NBC ID: ARPEXK6884 | Media Type: Aired Show | Air Date(s): 02/07/2012 | Event Date(s): 02/07/2012


Event Date(s): 02/07/2012 | Event Location(s): Today New York Studio | Description: In live interview in the studio’s kitchen, chef Michael Lomonaco says a whole chicken is usually fresher than buying chicken parts, and shows how to cut a whole chicken. Lauer and Lomonaco prepare pollo al mattone: chicken under a brick. GFX supered list of ingredients seen. Lauer and Lomonaco prepare chicken scarpariello. GFX supered list of ingredients seen. Side dishes including gnocchi seen.