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Archival calendar

Photographs and video of past and present world events, anniversaries and personalities. Use the calendar as a planning tool — select a date to view archival images and clips handpicked by our editors.


28 April, 2019 (1 event)

 picture id543891600?s=170x170
UNS: 28th April 1994 - CIA Agent Aldrich Ames Plead Guilty to Spying for the Soviets12 images

29 April, 2019 (3 events)

John singleton at the 71st annual dga awards at the ray dolby at video id1127039367?s=170x170
UNS: Film Director John Singleton Dies At 5143 clips
Comedian jerry seinfeld poses for a portrait session at the mtm the picture id120341707?s=170x170
UNS: Happy 65th Birthday Jerry Seinfeld19 images
Profile of american film director john singleton as he poses with his picture id980236520?s=170x170
UNS: Pioneering Film Director John Singleton Dies At 5140 images

30 April, 2019 (2 events)

May 1953 emperor akihito of japan as crown prince akihito of japan a picture id3382822?s=170x170
UNS: Japan's Emperor Akihito Abdicates83 images
The abdication of japans emperor akihito next year will be quite the video id1026999428?s=170x170
UNS: Japan's Emperor Akihito Due To Abdicate55 clips

01 May, 2019 (1 event)

Brazilian formula 1 race car driver ayrton senna in his car during a picture id83046051?s=170x170
ITA: 1st May 1994 - F1 Driver Ayrton Senna Dies At San Marino GP18 images

02 May, 2019 (1 event)

Group of young boys sailing model boats at harlem meer central park picture id1141188487?s=170x170
UNS: New Finds From The Archive: April Highlights99 images

03 May, 2019 (2 events)

Margaret thatcher mp arrives to take office car driving down downing video id111896297?s=170x170
GBR: On This Day 1979: Margaret Thatcher Becomes Britain's First Female Prime Minister15 clips
Teenager mary ann vecchio kneels over the body of kent state student picture id589060536?s=170x170
OH: EXCLUSIVE: New Photos Of 1970 Kent State Shootings Come To Light31 images

04 May, 2019 (4 events)

Prime minister margaret thatcher with husband denis thatcher waves to picture id134222951?s=170x170
GBR: 4th May 1979 - Margaret Thatcher Elected First Female UK Prime Minister15 images
Audrey hepburn actress wearing an orientalstyle velvet hat with and picture id507236940?s=170x170
UNS: 4th May 1929 - Actress Audrey Hepburn Born10 images
Sport football a postcard showing some of those torino footballers picture id79658784?s=170x170
UNS: 4th May 1949 - The Torino FC Tragedy At Superga10 images
Stars put on fashion show for the 1952 march of dimes campaign at the video id579998232?s=170x170
UNS: 90 Years Since The Birth Of Audrey Hepburn15 clips

06 May, 2019 (4 events)

Newsreel narrated roger bannister circles the track at oxford the video id508659151?s=170x170
UNS: 65 Years Since Roger Bannister Broke 4 Minute Mile12 clips
 video id637483712?s=170x170
UNS: 6th May 1856 - Birth Of Sigmund Freud13 clips
Workers digging into the chalk rock during construction of the at picture id947434648?s=170x170
UNS: 6th May 1994 - The Channel Tunnel Opens7 images
Roger bannister about to cross the tape at the end of his record picture id2694509?s=170x170
UNS: 6th may 1954 - Roger Bannister Breaks The 4 Minute Mile10 images

07 May, 2019 (1 event)

President juan pern and his wife eva pern celebrate the da de la or picture id158775546?s=170x170
ARG: 7th May 1919 - Birth Of Eva Peron15 images

08 May, 2019 (1 event)

1st may 1919 an curtiss nc 4 in flight over the coast of florida the picture id3306986?s=170x170
UNS: 8th May 1919 - The First Transatlantic Flight Takes Off13 images

09 May, 2019 (1 event)

 picture id542405000?s=170x170
NY: From The Archives: Harlem's Legendary Apollo Theater29 images

10 May, 2019 (5 events)

South africas first black president nelson mandela revisits his cell picture id181320165?s=170x170
UNS: 10th May 1994 - Nelson Mandela Is Inaugurated As President Of South Africa11 images
President mandela makes a speech to thousands of people in cape town video id450018044?s=170x170
UNS: 25 Years Since Nelson Mandela's Inauguration As President Of South Africa13 clips
Gallery shoot date december 12 1989 peggy lipton picture id139042662?s=170x170
UNS: RIP: Names We Lost In May24 images
Of the wutang clan performs at the glastonbury festival at worthy picture id117193605?s=170x170
UNS: Wu Tang Clan: Documentary Launches31 images
Paratroopers jump out from a helicopter to assist in fighting at dong picture id514881992?s=170x170
VNM: 10th May 1969 - Battle Of Hamburger Hill Begins16 images

12 May, 2019 (2 events)

May 1949 preparing a banner over the road blocks which are to be picture id3314081?s=170x170
UNS: 12th May 1949 - Berlin Blockade Lifted21 images
King george vi reviews line of royal air force officers outside video id528583604?s=170x170
UNS: 70 Years Since Berlin Blockade Lifted17 clips

13 May, 2019 (5 events)

 video id450026880?s=170x170
UNS: 105 Years Since Birth Of Boxer Joe Louis42 clips
Joe louis in boxing stance chicago illinois circa 1935 picture id591398213?s=170x170
UNS: 13th May 1914 - Boxer Joe Louis Born25 images
17th june 1939 german jewish refugees looking through portholes the picture id3368836?s=170x170
UNS: 13th May 1939 - MS St. Louis Sets Sail From Germany Carrying 900 Jewish Refugees15 images
American actress and singer doris day poses with an array of poodles picture id98426009?s=170x170
UNS: Doris Day Dies At 9778 images
Doris day at the 1989 golden globe awards at the beverly hilton in video id75691042?s=170x170
UNS: Doris Day Dies At 974 clips

15 May, 2019 (3 events)

Travel poster advertising flights from paris to london in one hour picture id524423562?s=170x170
FRA: 15th May 1889 - The Eiffel Tower Opens To The Public37 images
Thousands of friends and family of aids victims visit the aids quilt picture id51980871?s=170x170
UNS: 15th May 1969 - Look Back At AIDS On 50th Anniversary Of First Believed US Fatality20 images
Wide shot of aids quit and great lawn with sunset video id928024042?s=170x170
UNS: 15th May 1969 - Look Back At AIDS On 50th Anniversary Of First Believed US Fatality32 clips

16 May, 2019 (3 events)

Phoenix arizona president reagan looks with pride at his new life picture id515139334?s=170x170
UNS: A Brief History Of The National Rifle Association48 images
Chineseamerican architect i m pei new york 1982 picture id500931627?s=170x170
UNS: Architect I.M. Pei Dies At 10220 images
English pop singer elton john in a flamboyant stage outfit of white picture id56358436?s=170x170
UNS: Rocketman: Elton John's Glam Years Revisited In New Biopic29 images

17 May, 2019 (1 event)

Portrait of the africanamerican students for whom the famous brown vs picture id3137295?s=170x170
UNS: 17th May 1954 - Landmark Supreme Court Decision 'Brown Vs. Board Of Education'19 images

19 May, 2019 (3 events)

Jackie onassis windblown jackie picture id75702547?s=170x170
UNS: 19th May 1994 - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Dies12 images
 video id482499976?s=170x170
UNS: 25 Years Since Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' Death35 clips
Supporters de lquipe de football dargentine transportant un mannequin picture id956617878?s=170x170
UNS: Maradona: The Enduring Image Of A Football Icon17 images

20 May, 2019 (1 event)

High school graduation ceremony picture id582878288?s=170x170
UNS: 'Class Of...' - Graduation Day From The Archives25 images

21 May, 2019 (2 events)

Leopold and loeb on trial in joliet chicago this photograph shows to picture id530843800?s=170x170
IL: 21st May 1924 - The Leopold & Loeb Murder20 images
The eyes of niki lauda of austria are reflected in the mirror of the picture id141827127?s=170x170
UNS: F1 Legend Niki Lauda Dies At 7040 images

22 May, 2019 (1 event)

Singersongwriter morrissey of english rock band the smiths london picture id183967317?s=170x170
UNS: 22nd May 1959 - Singer Morrissey Is Born29 images

23 May, 2019 (2 events)

Circa 1932 usa bonnie parker points a shotgun at boyfriend clyde picture id79666440?s=170x170
UNS: 23rd May 1934 - 85 Years Since The Death Of Bonnie And Clyde21 images
Close up tilt down car steering wheel dashboard full of bullet holes video id2017 491?s=170x170
UNS: May 23rd, 1934 - 85 Years Since The Death Of Bonnie and Clyde13 clips

24 May, 2019 (1 event)

Queen victoria circa 1860 by french photographer antoine claudet picture id608850153?s=170x170
UNS: 24 May 1819: 200 Years Since Queen Victoria Born20 images

25 May, 2019 (1 event)

Dustin hoffmann in midnight cowboy picture id525593566?s=170x170
UNS: 25th May 1969 - Midnight Cowboy Released14 images

28 May, 2019 (2 events)

The dionne quintuplets appear on the cover of their own book of mid picture id123391335?s=170x170
UNS: 28th May 1934 - Birth Of The Dionne Quintuplets17 images
In callendar canada dionne quintuplets tours ontario promoting war video id502795951?s=170x170
UNS: 28th May 1934 - Birth Of The Dionne Quintuplets26 clips

29 May, 2019 (1 event)

Detail from albert einsteins general theory of relativity which is on picture id97583282?s=170x170
UNS: 29th May 1919 - Einstein's Theory Of Relativity Confirmed10 images